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    IBM S390 MainframeThe greatest strength of S/390 has always been I/O throughput and 99.999% uptime. Today's Internet server farms, especially Web clusters, demand high throughputs and guaranteed uptimes. Before PakSecured/390 you would be rightfully scared to put your S/390 on the Internet. Now the combination of security and complete Policy Routing allows you to provide the throughput and reliability your Internet applications crave.

    PakSecured/390 can provide both security and flexible Policy Routing structures in a single package. All data streams can be inspected at the raw bit level. The results of this inspection then allow you to route based on the data within the packet. You can finally differentiate your data streams by content and apply security and routing rules.

    Ask for further information about how PakSecured/390 or any PakSecured product can help you.

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